Based in Capelle Aan Den IJssel, The Netherlands

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April 18, 2014


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4-Color Taxi
Santas Sleighless Run



This is the presskit of ShadowBrain Games, a one-man games company that makes games for multiple platforms like Ouya, Android, Windows Phone and others.


Early history

I've always wanted to make games, and when I started learning about graphics design at Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam (GLR), The Netherlands I started to slowly get better at making things. After my first year there I could make 3D objects sort of semi decently and I really liked doing it too. I needed more though. When my 2nd year started it started to get more focused on art for games, and one class in particular where we learned to program in AS3.0 in Adobe Flash pushed me to want to learn more about creating actual games. But I knew Flash wasn't the program to use for it, as it took way too much fiddling to get something half decent working because Adobe Flash wasn't really designed for making games. This lead me to try and see if the school computers had other programs which could be used for making games, which lead to me trying to work with Unity3D, I faired much better in Unity it seemed as I could make something functional much faster without having to worry too much about the back end of things, I could just focus on making games. So for the next 3 years at school I spent most of the spare time I had on getting better at programming in C# which is what Unity uses. This helped me greatly as I could learn the art side of things at school while learning how to make things work at home. This also lead to me getting a pretty sweet Internship later at Paladin Studios, where I spent a lot of time making art but it was so intertwined with using Unity that my previous little experiments in Unity made me fit right in with their team. I would even get little programming assignments while there which I found to be amazingly helpful in terms of understanding Unity and how to structure a game properly.

After that

After I graduated from my class in GameArt at GLR I figured I could use a properly registered company and just went for it. I have my own registered company. So far I've release 2 games (Called "Space :D" and "MetalHawk") and am working on a 3rd one.(Called "4-Color Taxi") The first game I released was quite a flop financially speaking, I made a total of 0,50 euros from it, its payment model was free with ads next to a paid version for 50 cents without ads. The paid version sold once and the ads haven't made enough to pay out yet. The second game I released I made a total of 1,50 euros on so far, I released it for free with ads and some small in app purchases for some coins you can get by playing normally just as easily. This was the first game I released on Android as well as Windows Phone, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Windows Phone version out-grew the Android version downloads wise, though it was mostly because I got a small feature from microsoft at release. I haven't made any money off of the windows phone version yet as for some reason their payout cap is 200 dollars, which I'm not even close to reaching yet. My next title will be available on as many platforms as I can physically put it on, and it'll be a premium game with a 1,50 euro price tag with 20 playable levels at release, with an additional free 10 extra levels shortly after release. I have no clue how well it'll do, but I'm hoping it'll atleast do better than my previous two titles.



Animated Logo YouTube

Some gameplay of 4-Color Taxi YouTube

Space :D Trailer YouTube

MetalHawk Gameplay YouTube


There are far more images available for ShadowBrain, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Brian Lindenhof
    Founder, Programmer, Artist, GameDesigner

    Joe Williamson

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