Week 7&8 – Sidetracked!


So in week 7 I got started on the first boss I showed a (very crude) sketch of last week. This was 2 weeks ago. I accidentally skipped posting that Sunday due to having to help out with the rebuild of our living room…

Here’s what I have of the boss so far:

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.39.57) ss (2014-02-23 at 07.40.08)



And here’s the guy I plan on putting in the control seat:

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.39.01)

None of these textures and models are finalized yet though, the skeleton comes off as a bit of a cheap recolor at the moment, I’ll figure something out to make him a bit more unique later. And the actual boss guy is obviously untextured and unfinished overall, the idea at the moment is that it’s a corpse, reanimated through electronics. That’s about as far as I got for now…

As for the title, it’s “sidetracked” because in week 8 (Last week) I had a week off school, so I figured I’d spend some time working on a kart game idea I had, something like mariokart but different and for android. I have the car physics partially worked out and some basic AI drivers, but nothing cool enough to show off right now, so more on that later!

Aside from that I also started working on a basic bat enemy/critter to randomly put around the caves: (Unfinished as well)

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.48.06)

I plan on keeping him quite small, so he doesn’t need a whole lot of detail, I’ll probably just make his wings a bit more detailed using transperancy rather than modeling everything out.

I might make more critters to give caves a bit more life, at the moment it’s a bit dead, with the skeletons and all.

I also started working on a redesign for my home page, linking to some of my games and projects I’ve worked on rather than just being an art portfolio (Which is really out-dated by the way!)

That’s about all for this week! Will try to keep up the consistency of posting things from now on!




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