Week 6 – Permanence!(?)


So this week I added some details and added an exit to the caves, like so:

(Note: not final graphics)

At the moment, if you touch it it’ll reset the level and generate a new cave.

I intend to add an exit and entering animation to the caves, but I haven’t completely figured that part out yet…

I started on the first draft version of the next character class, the warrior:

I’m not completely happy with that guy yet but I might just figure out the rest of his looks while modeling him, I’ll see when I start modeling him next week.

The upcoming week, however, is going to be dedicated to the first boss battle, and probably partly to detailing the first cave theme.

Here’s my first rough sketch of the guy:

I was thinking of making him a sort of zombie body, controlled by the skeleton king type guy, not entirely sure yet though, was thinking a sort of yeti monster aswell… thoughts?

Aside from all that, this week I also added in permanent footsteps and made the skeleton’s death animation a bit more interesting, here’s two gifs:

I’m not sure if the footsteps/corpses are gonna stay permanently, I’d love to have them stay permanently but it may cost too much performance-wise,I’ll have to check how it runs on my phones and tablets because it runs fine on all my computers.

That’s about all for this week I suppose! Check back next week, same place, same time, for some more progress!


ShadowBrain out!

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