Easter delay!


First off, this weeks blog post is a day later due to me not feeling like posting because the first easter day was tiring.

This week I mostly worked on my final school project, and I also got my company officially registered in my country, which is nice to have done!

The first thing I did this week was make the bomb the wizard guy throws have a cool animation thing, so it doesn’t just pop out of his head, gif:

After I got that working properly I made it a bit more interesting visually and got rid of the timer-bar-thing and made it communicate visually through blendshapes making the fuse go into the bomb:



Gotta see if I can get some sort of particle thing going for the fuse fire, though I have no idea how I’d get that to follow the fuse, maybe position it on the position of a certain vertex or something…

After that was done I FINALLY got the bat enemy put in, but I wasn’t sure what to do for its corpse, so for now it’s a ragdoll, this might prove to be too resource intensive, but I’ll see about that later:

Bat enemy


The bat is faster than the skeletons and goes after you sooner, but it dies a lot quicker and doesn’t do as much damage, I might change this later but I kinda like it so far.

My plans for the game have kind of altered, I’m thinking of doing something where the more times you kill the final boss, the harder the game gets.

After each time you beat him a counter goes up which multiplies health, speed and damage variables within the enemies and the final boss, and, for the google play version, the counter’s value gets uploaded to a google play leaderboard, making people compete with eachother. This system might scale up to a point where it becomes impossible to beat though so I’ll have to see how that goes.

Everything’s still progressing according to plan though so I think I’ll be able to upload an android version by the time the school exposition is, which is the 6th of may.

As for the kart game, all I did for that is estimate some budgets for trianglecount and texture sizes, I also polished up the placeholder head a bit and shaved off a few triangles, here’s a screenshot:

ss (2014-04-21 at 09.32.11)


Very lifeless at the moment, but that’ll change once I make the final heads and get blendshapes in there to add emotions and such.


That’s about it for this week, next week is gonna be the start of crunch week for me, have to see if I can get both of these games done to different degrees, Cave Runners needs to be pretty much entirely done, the kart game needs to at least be playable, so I’ll see!

Thanks for reading!




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