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This past week I’ve been busy with the exams, any off-time I got went into the karting game.

I worked on some position tracking stuff, determining the player’s position within the race, as well as some drifting related stuff, here’s a gif showing some drift stuff without any fancy effects attached:



I also figured out a name, which consists of the “franchise” name and the sub-title explaining what the game is about, and developed a first version of a logo:

ss (2014-04-13 at 09.09.17)


Let me know what you think of the logo/game through twitter or facebook if you feel like it!

Aside from that I’ve implemented ads into my free android game (Space :D -¬† and started to try and make some money.

I’m also in the process of getting an actual one-man company started, really excited to take the leap and see what happens!

I’m planning on getting this kart game out on android and ouya to start with, thinking of maybe looking at PSVita as well now that Unity is working on getting Playstation Mobile support, which allows building games for the PSVita without requiring a devkit, which is great! I’d just have to find a cheap 2nd hand PSVita to test it on, but I’ll figure that out once Unity’s Playstation Mobile support is up and running.

May 6th is a pretty big deadline for me, my school has the open house thing I talked about in past blog posts then, which basically means free publicity for my then-brand-new game company, so I’m trying to get an alpha build up on the Google Play store of the kart game, but I also have the school project thing to finish. I’m thinking it’s totally doable, but it might become a bit of a close call if I take too long getting the alpha ready.

My plans for the alpha is to be a sort of preview of the full game with slightly less polished art and only about two or three tracks, hope it’ll attract some fans for when the full version’s ready which I’m hoping is gonna have Google Play Realtime Multiplayer in it, as well as about 8-10 tracks and characters, plus a few kart variations a-la mariokart wii, where they have 6 variations for each of the 3 weight classes kart-wise, and the karts get a skin based on which¬†character rides them.

That’s about all I have for this week, hope my whole game company plan pans out well enough for me to keep making my own games!

See you next week!


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