Week 11 – First boss guy!


So this week I spent most of my time rethinking the first boss, I ended up not really liking the whole reanimated technology controlled corpse thing.

Here’s the new version(Still very much WIP):

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.38)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.46)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.27)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.38) ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.47)

That’s actually all I did this week, hoping to get him done in the next few days along with a rig and some animations, maybe even get him implemented!

I’m also getting a Madcatz Mojo android microconsole in a few days, looking forward to performance testing and playing around with some stuff on there!

Hoping I can get some more stuff out on the Ouya market somewhere this year, see if I can make a living off of it. The Mojo is actually getting the Ouya store aswell soon, so it should prove to be pretty promising!


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