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So this week I spent most of my time rethinking the first boss, I ended up not really liking the whole reanimated technology controlled corpse thing.

Here’s the new version(Still very much WIP):

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.38)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.46)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.27)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.38) ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.47)

That’s actually all I did this week, hoping to get him done in the next few days along with a rig and some animations, maybe even get him implemented!

I’m also getting a Madcatz Mojo android microconsole in a few days, looking forward to performance testing and playing around with some stuff on there!

Hoping I can get some more stuff out on the Ouya market somewhere this year, see if I can make a living off of it. The Mojo is actually getting the Ouya store aswell soon, so it should prove to be pretty promising!



So this week I did mostly documentation stuff, though I did do some quick something for the in-game interface and particles, though it’s still the unity default particle.

ss (2014-03-09 at 08.01.15)


I also did some performance testing on my Ouya and managed to get it running at round 40 fps at 720p, which is decent enough for me to consider putting this game out on Ouya!

Aside from that I did some minor work on the kart race game I’m working on on the side, made it so the character leans where you turn to:


(Don’t mind the red or the numbers, the numbers just indicate position and number of laps driven right now for debugging)

That’s all I got done this week sadly, hoping to get some more work done in the coming week since I have a sort of inbetween deadline coming up in two weeks for the school project and want to have some cool stuff running by then.

Be sure to check back next week, same time, same place!



PS: Download my android game if you can please! (It’s free!)



This week I finished up the bat I started last week, atleast visually, I’m still thinking about how I’ll implement him, because he could just be flying around already, or he could be an enemy you wake up by walking near it…

Here’s the finished model:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.32.39)

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.32.48)


ss (2014-03-02 at 07.33.23)ss (2014-03-02 at 07.33.37)


And here’s some animations I made for him:



I didn’t make his texture too fancy due to his size onscreen, he’s actually quite a lot smaller than the player! Here’s a side-by-side:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.42.58)


I didn’t make very much progress other than the bat actually, I got caught up in doing some documentational stuff for school, since this is technically still a school project, and I also did some small work on my kart racing game thingy. Here’s a screenshot:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.46.34)


I’m really only making this 2nd project to keep myself interested in the first one, gotta have some distractions right?

I didn’t make that character specifically for this game, I just had it lying around from a different prototype I made months ago and figured it was a nice fit!

Next week I’m hoping to get the bat completely implemented and maaayyybe have some more progress on the first boss, not sure though because I still have a bit of documentation stuff to do.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week, same place, same time!



PS: I just redid my website to focus on my games, so far it only has one game on it and it’s for android, but I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out!