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This week I focused on completing the first player class: The Wizard.

ss (2014-01-26 at 08.52.33)ss (2014-01-26 at 08.54.02) ss (2014-01-26 at 08.54.27)


The model is pretty much done, I didn’t get as far with him as I wanted to though, he hasn’t got any cool animations yet and his staff is far from done.

I did get him rigged up though!

ss (2014-01-26 at 08.55.16)ss (2014-01-26 at 09.02.30)


I plan on finishing up his animations tomorrow during school so I can focus on implementing him into the game when I get home.

After he’s implemented I’m planning on making the visuals of the cave a bit more fancy, as they look very prototype-ish at the moment:

ss (2014-01-26 at 09.04.41)

I’m going to soften out the corners and give all the walls a more carved-out ice cave look, as well as making the floor look less like ice blocks and more like a mix of snow and ice ground.

On my planning it says I’ve planned next week to flesh out the gameplay a bit more as well so expect a few gifs in the next post I make!

I should have a proper name for this game by the next post as well, together with a first draft of the logo.

That’s about all I have this week, I’ll be back next week, same place same time!



So this week I focused on getting the basics of the first enemy in and done, I got pretty far but it’s not completely done.

First off I finished unwrapping, texturing and rigging this little guy:

Then I made some animations













And then I put them into the game using Mechanim and some scripting:




That’s about all I did this week, next week is going to be focused on the player character entirely, both visually and technically, aswell as putting in some basic level blocks to input into the level generator.

Till then!




So I’ve finally started work on my final school project.

The first thing we had to do is make a short and clear description of the project, after which we got some feedback and then we had to make a final plan which included a sort of asset list of the things we’d promise to get finished.

Here’s what I promised for the final presentation thingy:

  • 1 Cave/Dungeon theme – Ice cave
  • 1 Enemy type
  • 1 Player class – Wizard
  • Basic Gameplay – Walking around, killing enemies through shooting and/or hitting
  • In-game loot – Treasurechests, coins, bags of money

And here’s what I’m planning on focussing on after the first list is completed:

  • Final boss for ice cave
  • More enemy types – 3-5
  • More player classes – 3 extra (Warrior, Rogue, Archer)
  • Finish mainmenu
  • More dungeon/cave themes – 2 extra (Including bosses and new enemy types)
  • Final boss to fight after all other bosses are defeated
  • Items, purchasable through shop in mainmenu via in-game money gotten through loot

I have no idea if I can finish all that, but I sure as hell am gonna try to.

Here are the technical specs I’m planning to keep my game within

(Estimated) Tech specs:

Characters: 1-2k tris for enemies/players, max 3k for bosses due to larger overall scale

Misc models: <1k tris

Textures: 256-512px, max 1024 if the size asks for it (bosses)

Cave blocks: Max 400 tris, can’t be too high-res due to them being repeated throughout the caves.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I’m currently working on!

Character base I’m going to use as a reference for all the characters proportions-wise:

 ss (2014-01-12 at 08.57.40)

First enemy:

ss (2014-01-12 at 03.02.14)

First boss room, started working on this before planning out my promised work so this one goes in the freezer untill I finish other stuff:

ss (2014-01-12 at 09.02.21)

Keep in mind that these are all still work in progress!

I suppose that’s all for this week, hope I can keep up with posting these types of posts every week!