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This week was pretty exciting.

It started off with a cool email I got from PlayJam, the company that made the GameStick android micro console thing, apparently they want my “Space :D” game on their console!

They’re even sending me my very own GameStick DevKit for free! That’s AMAZING! With that devkit I can make a lot more games for their platform, which means I have another platform to put all my games out on! Yay!

The main reason I really like the GameStick is because they have their own leaderboard and achievement system, something the Ouya sadly lacks as of me writing this blogpost.

Almost all of my games so far have been highscore based and that requires a leaderboard to be interesting, otherwise you’re just fighting your own score, which is fun but not as fun as beating other people online.

“Space :D” on Ouya has its own leaderboard system built in which I made through following some weird tutorial on the internet, it’s a MySQL based leaderboard with no real account stuff meaning you can submit the same name multiple times and can’t update your previous scores. This is really annoying and just feels weird to the players.

The reason I still like Ouya a tiny bit better is because they should technically have a stronger chip in their console, making me able to do more stuff with it although still pretty limiting because the Tegra3 hasn’t really aged well as a chipset. I haven’t gotten my GameStick DevKit yet though so I can’t performance test just yet, the GameStick has a pretty potent GPU though so it might be more capable than the ouya, who knows. I don’t. Yet.

Aside from all that, I participated in the Ludum Dare Game Jam this weekend, I created a small game based around a publicly voted and decided on theme within 72 hours.

Here’s a short gif:

This gif was mainly made to show off the 2D sprite powered particle system, I had to build my own particle system from scratch because unity’s default particle system doesn’t support unity’s own 2D sprite functionality… This makes using it in a sprite-based game very inefficient as it’d need a whole different material and thus cost more drawcalls, so I built my own sprite-powered particle system!

It was actually quite fun to do as I had full control over what features the particles needed, like rotating towards their velocity, scaling according to velocity and more! All for less drawcalls and higher performance than the default system would have!

You can play the game I built here:

This was the first time I made a proper-ish 2D game in unity, and I’m amazingly surprised at how little performance it all costs due to the fact that I only used a tiny texture and a few pixels. Even the Ouya can run this game at 1080p without lagging like crazy, which it rarely does in 3D games, usually have to limit it to 720p resolution because the Tegra3 just sucks at 1080p due to its age. I think this game might be great for the GameStick too.

As for the School project I did very little this past week, but I’ll be sure to finish it off as quickly as I can this week as the whole presentation thing of it is next week Tuesday.

That’s about all for this week, thanks for reading!




First off, this weeks blog post is a day later due to me not feeling like posting because the first easter day was tiring.

This week I mostly worked on my final school project, and I also got my company officially registered in my country, which is nice to have done!

The first thing I did this week was make the bomb the wizard guy throws have a cool animation thing, so it doesn’t just pop out of his head, gif:

After I got that working properly I made it a bit more interesting visually and got rid of the timer-bar-thing and made it communicate visually through blendshapes making the fuse go into the bomb:



Gotta see if I can get some sort of particle thing going for the fuse fire, though I have no idea how I’d get that to follow the fuse, maybe position it on the position of a certain vertex or something…

After that was done I FINALLY got the bat enemy put in, but I wasn’t sure what to do for its corpse, so for now it’s a ragdoll, this might prove to be too resource intensive, but I’ll see about that later:

Bat enemy


The bat is faster than the skeletons and goes after you sooner, but it dies a lot quicker and doesn’t do as much damage, I might change this later but I kinda like it so far.

My plans for the game have kind of altered, I’m thinking of doing something where the more times you kill the final boss, the harder the game gets.

After each time you beat him a counter goes up which multiplies health, speed and damage variables within the enemies and the final boss, and, for the google play version, the counter’s value gets uploaded to a google play leaderboard, making people compete with eachother. This system might scale up to a point where it becomes impossible to beat though so I’ll have to see how that goes.

Everything’s still progressing according to plan though so I think I’ll be able to upload an android version by the time the school exposition is, which is the 6th of may.

As for the kart game, all I did for that is estimate some budgets for trianglecount and texture sizes, I also polished up the placeholder head a bit and shaved off a few triangles, here’s a screenshot:

ss (2014-04-21 at 09.32.11)


Very lifeless at the moment, but that’ll change once I make the final heads and get blendshapes in there to add emotions and such.


That’s about it for this week, next week is gonna be the start of crunch week for me, have to see if I can get both of these games done to different degrees, Cave Runners needs to be pretty much entirely done, the kart game needs to at least be playable, so I’ll see!

Thanks for reading!





So I missed the last 2 (I think?) weeks. It was mostly due to having my final Game Art exam, which still goes on for another week+, hence why I missed a few posts.

I did do some stuff though! For instance, here’s a treasure chest I made a small animation for:



I also made another test track for the kart game I’m working on on the side:

ss (2014-04-06 at 09.26.36)


And I remodeled the kart racer guy to make him a tad better looking, the old model (On the right) was made quite a while ago for a different project:

ss (2014-04-06 at 09.28.02)


And I also made the shader work with the alpha of the texture to mask what parts are recolorable, making stuff like this possible:



That should prove pretty useful for any other upcoming characters.

Furthermore I also put a head modeled after my own I made a while ago on there as a small style test:

ss (2014-04-06 at 06.35.23)


I don’t think that will be the final style as the head has about two to three times the amount of polygons the body does at the moment, but it looks alright so I might go with a similar style.

I’m probably gonna experiment some with the karts themselves next, thinking of making them slightly less cliche-kart-like karts. I’m thinking maybe bumper cars or something.

As for my final school project, I have untill May 6th to “Finish” it, I don’t think it’ll be as grand as I initally planned/wanted it to be as I just ended up working on it a lot less than I would’ve liked to, but I’m gonna have it very decently playable by then for sure. The May 6th deadline is there due to my school having an open house type thing then, where all courses present their final projects. It’s gonna be great!

The last thing I did for my final project is animate the boss a bit, he’s rigged but the skinning on him is pretty rough and the animations are quick drafts and the environment is barely presentable, but here’s a gif anyway!:


That’s about it for this update, if I skip next Sunday it’s because I’m busy doing more stuff, this whole  blog posting business is pretty hard to keep up!



(PS: I might try to get an early alpha version of the kart game up on google play before my deadline’s here, so stay tuned if you’re interested!)


So this week I spent most of my time rethinking the first boss, I ended up not really liking the whole reanimated technology controlled corpse thing.

Here’s the new version(Still very much WIP):

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.38)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.35.46)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.27)

ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.38) ss (2014-03-16 at 07.33.47)

That’s actually all I did this week, hoping to get him done in the next few days along with a rig and some animations, maybe even get him implemented!

I’m also getting a Madcatz Mojo android microconsole in a few days, looking forward to performance testing and playing around with some stuff on there!

Hoping I can get some more stuff out on the Ouya market somewhere this year, see if I can make a living off of it. The Mojo is actually getting the Ouya store aswell soon, so it should prove to be pretty promising!



So this week I did mostly documentation stuff, though I did do some quick something for the in-game interface and particles, though it’s still the unity default particle.

ss (2014-03-09 at 08.01.15)


I also did some performance testing on my Ouya and managed to get it running at round 40 fps at 720p, which is decent enough for me to consider putting this game out on Ouya!

Aside from that I did some minor work on the kart race game I’m working on on the side, made it so the character leans where you turn to:


(Don’t mind the red or the numbers, the numbers just indicate position and number of laps driven right now for debugging)

That’s all I got done this week sadly, hoping to get some more work done in the coming week since I have a sort of inbetween deadline coming up in two weeks for the school project and want to have some cool stuff running by then.

Be sure to check back next week, same time, same place!



PS: Download my android game if you can please! (It’s free!)



This week I finished up the bat I started last week, atleast visually, I’m still thinking about how I’ll implement him, because he could just be flying around already, or he could be an enemy you wake up by walking near it…

Here’s the finished model:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.32.39)

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.32.48)


ss (2014-03-02 at 07.33.23)ss (2014-03-02 at 07.33.37)


And here’s some animations I made for him:



I didn’t make his texture too fancy due to his size onscreen, he’s actually quite a lot smaller than the player! Here’s a side-by-side:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.42.58)


I didn’t make very much progress other than the bat actually, I got caught up in doing some documentational stuff for school, since this is technically still a school project, and I also did some small work on my kart racing game thingy. Here’s a screenshot:

ss (2014-03-02 at 07.46.34)


I’m really only making this 2nd project to keep myself interested in the first one, gotta have some distractions right?

I didn’t make that character specifically for this game, I just had it lying around from a different prototype I made months ago and figured it was a nice fit!

Next week I’m hoping to get the bat completely implemented and maaayyybe have some more progress on the first boss, not sure though because I still have a bit of documentation stuff to do.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week, same place, same time!



PS: I just redid my website to focus on my games, so far it only has one game on it and it’s for android, but I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out!


So in week 7 I got started on the first boss I showed a (very crude) sketch of last week. This was 2 weeks ago. I accidentally skipped posting that Sunday due to having to help out with the rebuild of our living room…

Here’s what I have of the boss so far:

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.39.57) ss (2014-02-23 at 07.40.08)



And here’s the guy I plan on putting in the control seat:

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.39.01)

None of these textures and models are finalized yet though, the skeleton comes off as a bit of a cheap recolor at the moment, I’ll figure something out to make him a bit more unique later. And the actual boss guy is obviously untextured and unfinished overall, the idea at the moment is that it’s a corpse, reanimated through electronics. That’s about as far as I got for now…

As for the title, it’s “sidetracked” because in week 8 (Last week) I had a week off school, so I figured I’d spend some time working on a kart game idea I had, something like mariokart but different and for android. I have the car physics partially worked out and some basic AI drivers, but nothing cool enough to show off right now, so more on that later!

Aside from that I also started working on a basic bat enemy/critter to randomly put around the caves: (Unfinished as well)

ss (2014-02-23 at 07.48.06)

I plan on keeping him quite small, so he doesn’t need a whole lot of detail, I’ll probably just make his wings a bit more detailed using transperancy rather than modeling everything out.

I might make more critters to give caves a bit more life, at the moment it’s a bit dead, with the skeletons and all.

I also started working on a redesign for my home page, linking to some of my games and projects I’ve worked on rather than just being an art portfolio (Which is really out-dated by the way!)

That’s about all for this week! Will try to keep up the consistency of posting things from now on!





So this week I added some details and added an exit to the caves, like so:

(Note: not final graphics)

At the moment, if you touch it it’ll reset the level and generate a new cave.

I intend to add an exit and entering animation to the caves, but I haven’t completely figured that part out yet…

I started on the first draft version of the next character class, the warrior:

I’m not completely happy with that guy yet but I might just figure out the rest of his looks while modeling him, I’ll see when I start modeling him next week.

The upcoming week, however, is going to be dedicated to the first boss battle, and probably partly to detailing the first cave theme.

Here’s my first rough sketch of the guy:

I was thinking of making him a sort of zombie body, controlled by the skeleton king type guy, not entirely sure yet though, was thinking a sort of yeti monster aswell… thoughts?

Aside from all that, this week I also added in permanent footsteps and made the skeleton’s death animation a bit more interesting, here’s two gifs:

I’m not sure if the footsteps/corpses are gonna stay permanently, I’d love to have them stay permanently but it may cost too much performance-wise,I’ll have to check how it runs on my phones and tablets because it runs fine on all my computers.

That’s about all for this week I suppose! Check back next week, same place, same time, for some more progress!


ShadowBrain out!


So this week I did a few things. First off, there’s a name and first logo draft now:


Like it? If not please let me know what to improve on, I find naming things very difficult…

Aside from that I made the corners smoother, well, most of them anyways… here:

ss (2014-02-02 at 08.51.44)

There’s still a few errors to work out there… but it’s better than the old cornery look right?

I also did some blendshapes, because why not?


And here’s a short gif with some gameplay stuff.


That’s about all for now, see you next week, same time, same place!



Hey there!


I’m gonna try an make weekly posts over here while I work on my final project starting on around january 4th… or so?

This is also a test to see if my facebook posting setup stuff worked or not.


ShadowBrain, signing off.